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B5G-600BPH Water Bottle Filling Machine
Water Bottle Filling Machine B5G-600BPH
Bottle Rinsing + Filling + Capping (3-in-1 Style)
The machine includes 4 main parts:
1. Bottle Rinsing Part
Rinsing bottles inside with sterilizing liquid, germless water and pure water.
2. Filling Part
Fully-automatic filling pure water into bottles, controlled by PLC.
3. Capping
Fully-automatic covering and pressing caps on bottles.
4. PLC
Input watt: 9.3kw
Bottle spec.: 270x490x56(diameter) mm
                      230x460x56(diameter) mm
Bottle volume: 5 or 3 gallons
Cap spec.: 58(diameter)x40mm
Bottle rinsing capacity: 600 bottles/hour
Filling capacity: 600 bottles/hour
Rinsing section: 3,600x1,420x1,650mm
Filling section: 3,450x690x1,650mm
Rinsing section: 3,850x1,670x1,900mm
Filling section: 3,700x940x1,900mm
G.W.: 1,650kg
N.W.: 1,350kg
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