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BPC85 Polycarbonate (PC) Bottle Blow Molding Machine
PC Bottle Blow Molding Machine BPC85
5 Gallon Polycarbonate Bottle Blow Molding Machine
| 19-20 Litre PC Bottle Blower
Type: Granules to Bottle (no need of Preforms)
Fed material: PC (polycarbonate) granules 
Bottle volume: 5 or 3 gallons 
Production capacity: 60 pcs/hour (5 gallons)  
1) Plasticizing System
Screw Diameter (mm): 85
Ratio of Screw Length/Diameter (L/D): 28
Plasticizing Rate (kg/hr): 80
Injection Stroke (mm): 360
Screw Speed Range (rph): 10-56
2) Clamping System
Clamping Force (kN): 190
Clamping Stroke (mm): 350
Mould Thickness Range (mm): 370-410
Max Opening between Platens (mm): 720
3) Power Consumption
General Power (kW): 84
Hydraulic Motor (kW): 37
Electrical Heating Power (kW): 44
Average Electricals Power Rating (kW): 58
4) Air Source Connection
Required air source pressure: min. 6-10 bar; Air consumption: 0.4M3/min..
5) Water Source Connection
Required water pressure: min. 2-3 bar; Water consumption: 6M3/min.
6) Control System
Austrian B&R control system: 100-point wall thickness control, 6" colour display.
7) Machine Dimensions
4,985(L) x 1,465(W) x 2,765(H) mm
8) Machine Weight
6 tons (not including hydraulic oil and mould)
9) Production Capacity
 >= 60 bottles/hour (based on qualification rate of 98%)
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