Solutions From Us
Advanced technologies to produce potable or pure water for your business. Each system is designed according to your specific source water to ensure consistent high quality of filtered water.
- Ultrafiltration
- Reverse osmosis
Monoblock packaging lines by mature technologies to pack your drinking water, beverage, dairy products, juice or other products in bottles, Bag-in-Box, Bag-in-Drum, IBC liner aseptic bags, or other containers.
Stretch blow moulding machines make numerous plastic bottles your desired for with specific moulds. Machines available for PC or PET bottles.
Calmus Machinery, is a leading equipment manufacturer in mainland China, who provides complete solutions for the drinking water, beverage and food industry. Our products include commercial filtration systems, water and beverage bottling lines, semi-automatic Bag-in-Box fillers, fully-automatic Bag-in-Box filling machine and packaging line, aseptic filling machines for Bag-in-Box and Bag-in-Drum, bottle blow molding machines, as well as additional equipment used in the water and beverage processing industry.
Calmus Machinery was teamed by professionals with many years of technical and field experience. From design, production, marketing to after-service, Calmus works under the principle of innovation and quality-first policy to enhance customer's satisfaction continuously.
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