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CM94A Fully-automatic KF94/FFP2 Salix-Leaf Mask Production Line
CM94A China Tri-Fold Salix-Leaf KF94/FFP2 Machine Production Line 1
CM94A China Tri-Fold Salix-Leaf KF94/FFP2 Machine Production Line 2
Fully-automatic KF94/FFP2 Mask Making Machine | Tri-Fold Salix-Leaf Shaped Respirator Production Line
This mask making machine for producing tri-fold salix-leaf shaped KF94/FFP2 face masks. Protective face mask in GB2626, EN149 and OSHA standards is called particulate respirator. The machine makes 4-to-5-ply respirators/masks automatically by the following procedures.
1) Unwinding and feeding non-woven fabrics;
2) Feeding and positioning nosepieces (imbedded);
3) Welding and laminating fabrics;
4) Cutting the masks;
5) Folding masks;
6) Feeding and welding earloops.
1) Fully-automatic.
2) High-speed and speed adjustable.
3) Compact design of 1-to-2: 1 mask blank forming system + 2 earloops welding systems (but on one line)
4) Easy to use. The touch-screen control system makes operation easy.
5) Alarm when the fed material breaks or is in short.
6) A counting system makes the quantity of produced masks visible and make it possible to set the mask quantity of each stack for the conveyors.
Power supply: 12 kW
Capacity: max. 70-80 pcs/min
Weight: 3,000 kg
Dimensions: 7,100(L)*4,600(W)* 2,200 (H)mm

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