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BLP51 Film Pack Palletizer | Push-Type Palletizer
China Push-Type Palletizer BLP51
Low-level Push-Type Palletizer 
| Film Pack Palletizing Machine
This is a low-level palletizer and used to stack various packs including sealed cartons in order on a pallet. It is an ideal palletizer for shrinkable film wrapped spring bottles. It works automatically and packs can be stacked on a pallet by multiple layers. It employs a touch screen PLC controller and is easy to operate.
1. Pack sorting feeder
Sort packs according to a set pattern and then convey them.
2. Pack palletizer
Catch sorted packs and then rise, move and put them on a pallet.
3. Pallet storage and feeder
5-8 empty pallets can be stacked in the storage section. Pallets are fed to the palletizer according to the PLC setting.
4. Loaded pallet deliver
When a pallet is loaded fully, it will be delivered to a designated location.
Frame: SS41 steel
Axes: S45C steel
Controller enclosure: SS41 steel
Guide plate: SS41 steel
Power supply: 3 phases, customized voltage, 6 KW
Air consumption: 500NL/MIN
Air source pressure: 5-6 kgf/cm2
Weight: 4,000 kg
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